SportsManagementSystems Agents
Welcome to SportsManagementSystems Agent Services
What is a Sports Betting Agent?
An independent manager of their own personal 
and private sports betting contacts.
How can I use you to help me?

We provide the user interface for sports betting including lines. We also provide bookeeping and procedures for managing payments, passwords etc , and reports for daily balances and immediate wager totes.

What do I do to get started? 
Email to and we will reply with terms of service and access codes for your trial period.
How much does it cost me?
Rate for 'clients who played last week' is $15 per week for the first client and is reduced by $1 for each additional client down to $6. Packages of up to 30 clients is $125 per week ($4 per head). 31-99 is $250 per week ($2.50 per head).
Why use you?
Where can I see it?
We are one of the original pioneers of offshore sports betting. This is not an experiment by the new guy. Simplicity for clients and agents is paramount. has the legacy parlay card wager interface and also a click to SMSPremium App (recomended). Premium App has live line changes on the screen. The 'Shared Systems' click has an example of the legacy page for private groups.
What about phone service?
We offer ssh telnet service for you to directly access client accounts. This serves your phone operators and supervisors. It scales well.
What about privacy? We email only. Only you know who your clients are or what you do. Our terms of service specify private.